Play Your Own Dating Game With Datecheck Application

Have you ever met someone, gone out on a date, and then found out their history was not in line with their words?  Or are you thinking about going out with the person you met at the bar, but wish you knew more about him first?  Intelius’ new DateCheck application allows you to use facts to back up your intuition about people you meet.

Dating Game Used to Debut Application

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Intelius debuted their newest application in a somewhat unconventional way – with a live version of the Dating Game.  The show typically has a bachelor or bachelorette asking three potential dates questions to help determine who they would like to go out on a date with.  Intelius’ bachelorette kept true to this style, asking contestants questions like “If we went on a date and things were going well, you’d say we went together like blank and blank.”

However, this bachelorette also had one advantage – the new DateCheck application, which allowed her to find out if any of the eligible bachelors had a criminal record or if they owned their home.

Information in the Palm of Your Hand

You can be like Intelius’ bachelorette with the DateCheck application.  The application allows you to find out everything from address to marital status to criminal records to even employment history.  Some of the features include:

•          $ $ $ – Find out where a person is living, as well as other addresses where they have lived previously.  You can find out if your date owns his or her own home, as well as find out what the average income and house value is for that area.  You can also see previous employment history and job titles.

•          Compatibility – If you believe that the stars will help you find your perfect mate, then you can check out your astrological compatibility with your date’s to see how well you’d match.

•          Interests – Find out if your date has a Facebook or a Twitter page or what other websites they are registered on to learn more about their interests.  This feature will pull up personal and professional websites.

•          Living situation – You can make sure that the divorce really is final or if your date still lives at home with mom and dad with this feature.

•          Sleazedector – This allows you to look up a person’s criminal records and check for sexual offenses.  Find out if there is anything in their legal past that might turn you off from a date – or if they have the squeaky clean record they claim they do.

DateCheck essentially allows you to view the public records of your date to find out everything that you need to know to make a good dating decision.  There is no longer any worry that the person you are going out with is who they say they are, and you can easily find out if they are hiding something from you.

Naveen Jain, the CEO of Intelius, has contributed more than innovative business and consumer services. Learn more about Naveen Jain’s philanthropic endeavours and contributions to non-profits.

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