Free Online Dating Tips – Chat and Body Language

Chat and Online Dating advice: Understanding body language.

Communication is not based just on the spoken word. A great deal of learning is conveyed by body language, tone also via non verbal communications. Without looking at a person, it can be really easy to misunderstand or to give the wrong importance to words of phrases. This can often be the case with emails as people cannot often assess the humor behind someone’s tone and therefore view a message as being a lot more serious than it is

When we trust someone, its common to pay less attention to the conversations we hear, however with new acquaintances we assess this person to a higher degree. Make certain that all of your signals stay positive and you cannot fail to impress

Understanding Body Language and chat
Body language is characterized of being made into groups of postures and meanings.

When somebody is attentive and seemingly interested in what is being said it is flattering and makes you like that person you are speaking to. The answer is to ignore distractions, phone calls and other people’s chat while keeping your body mostly still. Slightly tilt your head towards them, look at the person while they are talking and show your interest by slightly furrowing your brow. Its very important to stay patient when the other person is speaking, pause slightly before you respond as if you are absorbing everything that they have said

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